July 30, 2021, HONG KONG, Hong Kong China: Hong Kong youth TONG Ying-kit 24 is found guilty of terrorism and incitement to commit secession driving a motorcycle into group of policemen on July-1,2020. The secession conviction is based on the fact that TONG was displaying a flag he carried on the motorcycle bearing the words : Liberate Hong Kong, Revolution of Our Times while charging through group of policemen on 1st of July last year during 6 month long civil unrest. This is the first serious conviction handed down to a Hong Kong citizen under the NATIONAL SECURITY LAW. SCREEN CAPTURE TAKEN FROM VIDEO IMAGE July-30,2021Hong Kong.ZUMA Wire HONG KONG Hong Kong China – ZUMAl137 20210730_zap_l137_001 Copyright: xLiauxChung-renx