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When art and fashion get together, sparks can fly – and before you know it, something new and unique can come into being, such as the artistically designed leggings with street art motifs from Hamburg.

It’s so practical when two studios are located across from each other – they didn’t have far to go: The Hamburg-based artist Friederike Lydia Ahrens is known for her “placart” ( – she collects torn-off pieces of posters from advertising columns or long abandoned posters from walls, and then uses these paper remnants to create collages in her studio.

Right across the hallway is Sarah Bürger’s fashion and tailor’s studio Formschoen. Raum für Design ( She designed the unique leggings with the street art motifs and had them cut and sewn.

In this way, art and fashion are blended together, which can also be seen in the logo for this project. Friederike L. Ahrens abbreviated her name to FLA and Sarah Bürger shortened hers to Zsa – and thus the name FLAZSA was born, complete with hashtag: #FLAZSA.

The evening of the vernissage was more than exceptional, an event of a very special kind: Musician Stefan Weinzierl played a giant xylophone, the imaginative, spherical sounds of which were accompanied by a talented dance group that performed a captivating modern dance, during which the dancers naturally wore the featured leggings while presenting a choreography that was especially created for this evening by Gloria Höckner.

The number of these wearable art pieces with a bit of city history is limited to 50 pairs, as produced especially for this edition by the two artists – and they don’t plan on making more.