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The idea is wonderfully simple and the great thing about it is how incredibly well it works.

Once a week, music teacher Seamus Kenney brings together a random group of people to sing together in Durham, North Carolina. Flash Chorus – much like the term “flash mob”, and the concept is similar as people come together spontaneously without having known one another before – and together they all sing in a choir. Previous choral experience? Not necessary!

Video produced by: John Paul Middlesworth

Amateurs are welcome, even people who usually only dare to “sing in the shower or in the car,” Seamus assures:


If you’ve ever wanted to express yourself creatively through music but were too nervous, Flash Chorus is the community for you!”


Monday evening in the Motorco Music Hall in Durham: A group of about a hundred excited people have gathered in the early evening – almost all the seats are taken. Seamus Kenney stands in front of them, full of energy. There are a few musicians around him, including a string quartet of professional musicians.

Over the course of the evening, Seamus teaches the group two songs and once they’re ready, they’re recorded. “Eleanor Rigby” from the Beatles is in the line-up tonight. It usually takes about 45 minutes and then the recorder, as well as several cameras, is switched on – the learned song is then recorded on video and later published on YouTube, where it can be seen by all.

Seamus heard about the idea once while watching a Canadian TV show and wanted to try it out himself. The participants should have fun together, and should enjoy casually spending the evening in good spirits with other like-minded individuals.