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Grönland im Jahr 1999. Ein Inuit mit Schlittenhunden vor Eislandschaft.
Ragnar Axelsson © Mikide Kristiansen, Thule, Greenland, 1999
Ein schmelzender Eisberg auf offener See, Grönland, 2014.
Ragnar Axelsson © Melting Iceberg, Scoresbysund, Grönland, 2014

PHOXXI: “Where the world is Melting” Arctic-photographer Ragnar Axelsson

In Ragnar Axelsson’s photographs it becomes clear how quickly the Arctic is changing and how much the climate crisis threatens life in these regions. In sometimes surreal blackandwhite photographs, Axelsson shows the melting of glaciers, the shrinking of the ice sheet, and the rise in sea levels.

Als Pilot unterwegs in der Arktis: Fotograf Ragnar Axelsson im Cockpit.
© Ragnar Axelsson

The exhibition at PHOXXI also features an already legendary photograph that has since been printed worldwide. Axelsson describes in the Hamburg Arts podcast how the picture came about and how the old man’s life changed afterwards .

Alter Mann vor stürmischer Küste in Island im Jahr 1995.
Ragnar Axelsson © Farmer Guōjön Porsteinsson, Mÿrdalur, Iceland, 1995

Ragnar Axelsson on the Hamburg Arts podcast

Here is the link to the Podcast-Episode with Ragnar Axelsson

“I have only one rule, that’s breaking all the other rules.”

– Ragnar Axelsson

Hamburg curator Ingo Taubhorn has brought the exhibition to Hamburg’s PHOXXI. Previously, the retrospective was on view in Munich, where curator Isabel Siben, Kunstfoyer, Versicherungskammer Kulturstiftung, had put together the retrospective of Axelsson’s works.

“Where the World is Melting” in the PHOXXI

The exhibition Where the World is Melting at PHOXXI, Hamburg, runs until June 18, 2023.

Here is the link to the Phoxxi House of Photography Temporary with further information.

Address: PHOXXI on the square of the Deichtorhallen Hamburg, Deichtorstr. 12, 20095 Hamburg.

The link to Ragnar Axelsson’s website:

The link to KehrerVerlag, which offers some books and prints by Ragnar Axelsson.[]=4099

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